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(Est. 1947) “The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (Spanish: Banco Central de la República Dominicana, BCRD) was established by the Monetary and Banking Law of 1947 as the central bank of the Dominican Republic, responsible for regulating the country’s monetary and banking system.The Banks headquarter is in Santo Domingo and current governor is Héctor Valdez Albizu.” (Wikipedia)

design by

Young & Rubicam Damaris (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

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BCRD press release

The new symbol of the BCRD is a simplification of its building, unique in its architectural design and the institutional element more recognizable by the public. The new color is gold. The new identity includes change in typography and the redesign of stationery, signage, educational, informational and promotional products, among other applications.

BCRD press release (Google translated)


The old logo was… busy. Too many things, too highly detailed, too difficult to reproduce neatly. Even while showing the building, the old logo failed to convey what made the architecture of it interesting. (Side note, check out the architect's work; some pretty nice minimalist yet big projects.) The new logo focuses solely on the building as the bank is the building is the bank (meaning, it's not just the headquarters with a bunch of branches around town but, literally, THE bank of the Dominican Republic). Since the building's traits are so minimal, it's easy to translate into a graphic icon and, while not necessarily exciting, it's a strong simple execution. My main complaint would be the proportion of the building and the spacing inside the square: Based on the pictures, the building looks to be more squat (and less of an airport control tower) so scooting down the building as it is within the square and allow more "air space" above it to match that on the sides would have made a huge (positive) difference. The wordmark is fine and does a better job in establishing some hierarchy of what this is (the central bank) and who it is for (the Dominican Republic). Overall, a proper improvement needed ten or twenty years ago but late is better than never.

New Logo for Banco Central de la República Dominicana by Young & Rubicam Damaris
Logo presentation. In Spanish. If you see only a segment, start at the 2:42 mark, where it shows the building and some brief additional graphics.

Thanks to Juan Carlos Gomez for the tip.