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Acomora Cosmetics - Caribbean Suncare

Design: Petitmoulin Studio
3D visualization: Petitmoulin Studio
Photo: Acomora Cosmetics
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Acomora Cosmetics
Product Launch Location: France
Packaging Contents: Suncare, Oil, Natural, Sustainable, Organic
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Frosted glass
Printing Process: Screen printing

The care experience for women of the sun

Born out of a mad desire to go back to its Caribbean roots, we designed the delighted universe of Acomora Cosmetics. Acomora Cosmetics is a Caribbean cosmetic brand focused on suncare oils crafted with premium, local, and natural ingredients grown in Martinique. The Founder, a Chemical Engineer with years of experience in innovation, collaborates with Caribbean organics farmers Les Jardiniers Créoles to deliver the most sustainable and quality ingredients.

The brand's products are created from various ingredients such as Maracuja, Roucou, Cassia Alata & Hibiscus, mixed to obtain a rich & unique formula, ideal for daily sun routine. The suncare oil is contained within a bulky and frosted bottle, preserving the precious formula like a magic recipe. The deep orange oil is suggested through the translucent glass, revealing the Mermaid, the symbol of the brand.

"You hold the bottle of Mami Wata into your hands."

Inspired by the powerful and mystical divinity Mami Wata, we created a tailor-made logo illustration in order to merge the feminity of the water entity as well as the power of the traditional legacy.

Combined with the radiations of the sun and the local ingredients, Acomora brand identity becomes an inspiring balance between Mysticism and Apothecary universe.

We created an incredible care experience for the women of the sun. Acomora Cosmetics is made in Martinique for Caribbean women.

What's Unique?
We designed a handmade illustrated logo for the brand, inspired by the divinity Mami Wata to gather feminity, power, and mysticism into a single symbol. To hold the precious formula, we've combined a bulky bottle with the softness of the frosted glass. Because, It is all about contrast.