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After Sauna Body Butter

Design: Paula Crayon
Project Type: Pre-produced
Location: Berlin, Germany
Packaging Contents: Moisturizer with gems exctracts
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass container
Printing Process: Screen printing

Geoderm Body Butter with gems extracts is a body lotion for after sauna. Many women finish their workout with a 10 minute relaxation session in the saunas in their gym. This can cause dryness in skin irritation due to sweating. After the sauna the pores are open, and it is the best time to apply nutritious lotions. Geoderm contains extracts of gems such as rose quartz, or green jade to rejuvenate the skin while moisturizing. The packaging is very simple but effective, is aimed at active women with taste for fashion, travel, makeup and try new things.

What's Unique?
The design language is clean and young. The concept of body butter for after sauna is totally new. Getting benefits from gems instead of natural plants is also a quite new concept for skin care.