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Beer Brewed at XPOM

Agency: XPOM
Art director: Grigory Khromov
Illustrator: Anthony Orozko
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing

The concept of labels for limited line of craft beer. The basis of the idea is the division of beer brands into light and dark as Angel and Devil confrontation.
  • "Angel beer" - Pale Ale for those who is on the light site.
  • "Devil's beer" - Hot Staut with pepper for the devotees of spicy dark.

Collaboration of Chrome Studio with Costa Rican illustrator Anthony Orozko. In the work Anthony focuses on experiments in creating unique character designs. He also likes fonts and combines them with illustration, explores space and composition while keeping the color palette as short as possible. 

In the project we removed the color in the labels completely and it is the color of the beer that divides the line. The shape of the bottle with a lock-cap emphasizes the craftiness of the line.

Which side do you choose?