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Bio Yogurts with cream 3K2K

Design: Unibe Branding Agency
Project Type: Produced
Client: 3K2K
Location: Russia, Moscow
Packaging Contents: Bio Yogurts
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic can
Printing Process: Digital printing

Unibe Branding Agency has developed packaging design for bio yoghurt cream for "3K2K" brand.

The agency was tasked to develop packaging design and adapt the design concept to the product range of Bio Yogurts, with natural fruit filling, for the 3K2K brand.

The product uses natural ingredients, whole milk, cream and filler, the agency decided to emphasize the naturalness of the product by using a cutting window on the center of the cup, through which the first layer of the product and a transparent strip window at the bottom of the package where the filler is located.

About company:
"Molochniy Kit" is one of the leading dairy producers in the Ural region, combining several production sites and a trading house. The company was founded in 1999, and the first in the Sverdlovsk region began the production of milk, kefir and yoghurts in plastic PET bottles. Since 2012, the company has been manufacturing UHT milk in aseptic Tetra Pak packaging.