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Design: Hunger Craft
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: CHOMP!
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Vegan Chocolate

Chocolate. It can be a mucky business, exploiting our sweet tooth and our world alike. Tired of the titans of treats sugarcoating the industry’s inconvenient truths, CHOMP! partnered with Hunger Craft to build a brand that bites back.

Dairy-free, conflict-free, slavery-free, bean-to-bar deliciousness, CHOMP! is everything the world loves about milk chocolate with absolutely No Chompromises. While people continue to place a high value on the purpose and impact of the companies they buy from, no one wants to be lectured down the chocolate aisle. Instead of positioning ourselves as a niche ethical brand, CHOMP! wanted to bring morality into the mainstream, appealing to kids and grown ups alike with a huge sense of fun.

Cute, cheeky and hell bent on biting back against sugarcoating, Hunger Craft created Chompie as the mascot for CHOMP!’s mission. This insatiable little character demolishes injustice, untruths and, of course, chocolate. Leaving a trail of crumbs in their wake, they’ve even taken a chunk out of each pack’s mouthwatering product cameos.

With a powerfully playful wordmark, bold supporting typography and CHOMP!’s signature colour palette, Hunger Craft have created a brand that spreads a sense of fun and optimism wherever it goes. Chompie is a master of disguise, becoming a popstar or ice hockey player for the different variants, while straighter icons deliver those all-important proof points. With a suite of brand assets designed to have fun with, all that’s left to do is raise the bar for good and CHOMP! for change.