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Agency : Unibe Branding Agency
Project Type: Agency Commercial, Published
Location: Russia
Market Region: Europe
Project Category: Detergents
Consumer Substrate / Material: Plastic bag
DOSIA is a famous brand of washing powder founded in 1995 in Poland, owned by Reckitt Benckiser. The range of the brand includes: washing powders and disinfecting gels for cleaning surfaces. DOSIA washing powder - initially positioned in the middle price segment. One of the main attributes of the brand was "piggy bank", which makes it clear to the consumer that when using this powder, the consumer receives a quality product and money savings. In communications, for a long time, comparative techniques have been used, such as: "Why pay more if there is DOSIA?", "Quality at a reasonable price." The current brand positioning conveyed the idea of everyday common tasks, a sense of stability and quality in purity.
The agency was tasked with developing an updated design of the entire range in accordance with positioning, as well as updating the logo while maintaining recognition. Visualize an idea - that would convey the desire for constant and stable purity. The design should be modern, dynamic and in line with current trends.

The agency's specialists redesigned the main logo, focusing on clearer lines, while maintaining recognizability. As a result, the logo is flatter and more memorable. The logo has acquired new elements of communication: a substrate on a white background, under the logo, which can be associated with a toggle switch, switch or door from a washing machine. The visual component at the bottom of the Optima badge reflects the optimal choice between price and quality and is an additional differentiation for the lines. In the packaging design, an emphasis was placed on dynamics, due to the glowing rays from the center of the logo. On the packaging of the product appeared the symbol "Cleanmania / Chistomania" - the ideological component of which "Confidence in a stable result and cleanliness every day."