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Agency: Unibe Branding Agency
Project Type: Consumer
Location: Russia
Market Region: Europe
Project Category: Alcohol, Tinctures
Consumer Substrate / Material: Glass, Paper

Update two existing tinctures positions and develop a new product label design. The products in the existing design lag behind the market in terms of visual communication, and also in comparison with the competitive environment and does not look profitable. It is necessary to release a "one line" in the updated design and attract new potential customers.

In solving this task, the agency's specialists broadcast the idea of modernity, brightness and a memorable design. The main emphasis was on naming. The secondary idea is an illustration of the main ingredient (mountain ash, cranberries, steppe herbs), which allows you to get information at a glance - what is inside the bottle.

"Glazovsky Distillery" was founded in 1900, the history of the plant has 116 years. Throughout its existence, the plant has experienced many shocks - these are Revolutions, the Great Patriotic War, "Prohibition", the global financial crisis of 2007. The main criterion of the plant is its products, which received many awards for high quality and design in Russia, Europe and Asia.