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Manufacturer: InmunoMedi
Graphic Designer: Luis Antonio Ramirez Navarro
Industrial Designer: Mauricio Ramirez Hernandez
Project Type: Produced
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Packaging Contents: Immunological Supplements
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Thermoformed plastic
Printing Process: Digital printing

Inmbox, is a box that contains 3 immunological supplements, which help strengthen the functioning of the immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems, intensifies the positive effects of conventional medical treatments, is designed to facilitate daily consumption, during the day and night; is elaborated under standards of the Ministry of Health and by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks, each individual product within the inmbox has a medical grade packaging that guarantees the quality of the products.

The idea behind inmbox lies in the importance of patients not abandoning the treatments prescribed by doctors, this is to have a greater control of diseases, especially in the control of chronic pathologies, which are characterized by their long evolution. The World Health Organization considers that actions that increase adherence should be a priority, due to the negative consequences that lack of adherence has on health.

Adherence is the degree to which the behavior of a patient with regard to taking medication, following a diet or changing life habits, corresponds to the recommendations agreed with the health professional.

Therefore, it is responsible for the patients in the health results that must be obtained, emphasizes the importance of the behavior of patients in the good compliance of the treatments, including not only the taking or not of prescribed medications, but also to the incorporation or not of a diet or habits of healthy life, changes in the quantity and frequency in which we do it, premature suspension, forgetting, etc. And introduce, make the patient participate in decisions about their therapy.

It is worthwhile to comply with the treatments. The results in health are very improvable if the adherence is increased. The increase in adherence is multidisciplinary, it requires improving communication, increasing training, it must be done in a continuous and precise way of help and support. It requires changes in the behavior of patients regarding how we deal with illnesses and the personal commitment to assume the part of responsibility that corresponds to them in the health outcomes they achieve.

Increasing the effectiveness of interventions that address adherence can have a much greater impact on health than any treatment improvement (WHO).

What's Unique?
In addition to its geometry that gives it a unique shape, which is given not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for functionality since it is wonderfully easy to assemble, and how to interact with the user in matters of its dimensions and ergonomics, its balance is given by the excellent graphic design work that integrates and gives the object dialogue, which tells us to interact with the day and night , which is achieved in a solid and strong joint way.