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Issue Indicating Tissue

Agency: Šanavala Concept Store
Creative Director: Ivan Tanić
Creative Director: Ivan Pavičić
Art Director: Nebojša Cvetković
Account Director: Stipe Bačić
Marketing Director: Ljubuca Čorluka
Marketing Manager: Dijana BIlić
Location: Croatia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Violeta
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Paper tissue
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

Whoever ever had a runny nose or sneezed without a handkerchief, probably became a close and personal friend with his/her snot. Snots change colour or texture from time to time. Nasal snot is usually clear or green, but can also be of other colours.

Mucus in the nose exists to protect the nose and sinuses from things like dust, bacteria and other dangers to the human body and it is generally very good. But why does the mucus in the nose change colour? Usually it has to do with what is happening inside or outside your body. You may be perfectly healthy or have a cold, allergy or other medical condition.

Violeta, the largest Croatian manufacturer of nasal wipes, used her packaging to educate the public about the different colours of mucus in the nose.

Through a new packaging of handkerchiefs called 'Issue indicating tissue', Violeta introduces us to 6 happy snots on each individual packaging, but more importantly, through the packaging the consumers will find out what the colours to their snoot might mean for their health.

Project aims to rise health prevention awareness among all target groups but especially among children.

Issue indicating tissue is starting to be distributed in all stores across Adriatic region. Agency Design team is overjoyed to have achieved another ingenious collaboration with Violeta, a brand that recognises the value of innovation in communication. This project is proof of how communication can create added value for the consumer, even though the product is seemingly generic and old-fashioned.