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Meow-meow-meow cat food

Design: Anastasiya Kuprina
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: National Research University Higher School of Economics
Tutor: Leonid Skavin
Packaging Contents: Cat food

"Meow-meow-meow" is a line of food for cats. All cat lovers are familiar with the requirement of our pets to feed them as soon as possible or give them a favorite treat. Endless meow-meow-meow formed the basis of the packaging design. My task was to visually divide the line into different tastes and different ages of cats. Small kittens squeak and say meow-meow quickly and often, adult cats do it more confidently, older cats meow long. This is reflected in the design. The taste is shown with the help of multi-colored illustrations, this will help you easily navigate when choosing food in the store.