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Milki Mami - lactation cookies

Design: Vida Iglicar
Location: Slovenia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Milki Mami
Product Launch Location: Slovenia
Packaging Contents: lactation cookies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper zip bag
Printing Process: digital printing

Milki Mami is a brand created by a young mother for all soon-to-be mothers, those who breastfeed and even those just looking for a healthy and tasty snack. As the brand owner became a mom she was faced with not producing enough milk so she asked her mother to bake her something including lactogenic ingredients.

Many young mothers wonder whether there are foods you can eat to support breastfeeding and naturally increase milk production and the answer is yes, quite a few. Oats / oat flakes, sesame, greek hay / saber triplet, linseed, dry brewer's yeast, roots, cumin and sweet fennel, polenta, salmon, brown rice / barley / chickpeas, dates ... and with using the first five Milki Mami lactation cookies were born. Homemade, created with love, admired by many Slovenian mothers already.