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Packaging Designer: Douglas Fuentes
Art Director: Chana Snyder
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: ST, Inc.
Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Packaging Contents: Ultrasonic Diffuser
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

MOGU is a holistic health and wellness brand that seamlessly blends aesthetics with tranquility. Created to foster peace of mind, MOGU products are as luxurious as they are practical. Our innovations bolster well-being through conscientious, naturally-inspired design with an emphasis on elevating your space.

This package was meant to be an experience in and of itself. Self-contained, giftable and luxurious, we wanted the opening experience to be sublime; an elevation of the product within so you can just open, relax and enjoy your new diffuser.

We also wanted the packaging to live up to the beauty of the product within and be something that has its own standalone experience, enhancing the spa experience of what's inside. Practical, beautiful, simple and complex at the same time.