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Design: Dozen Agency
Location: Moldova
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Europe

SURPRISE! — it means that the project is a bit SURrealistic and has plenty of PRIZEs. It’s because boys and girls—and their parents, too—love the crunchy corn curls and the little prizes that come in every bright-colored pack.

Once upon a time, there have been a girl named Piffi and a boy named Puffy on the manufacturer’s packaging in Moldova since 2018. Despite the quirky names, everything went well until new boys and girls started appearing on rival packaging. Eventually, there were so many of them that everyone got bored of that.

A bit of mystification and brainstorming — and the kids turned into a pair of mischievous corn curls. Even their names suit them now. Hear it—it’s the sound of air that fills your mouth with sweetness. We created two funny characters. Meet Piffi, a one-eyed bashful baby, and Puffy, a hyperactive chomper.

Of course, these characters are not alone on the packaging and won’t be bored. Firstly, we created a logo that resembles corn curls as well. Secondly, the manufacturer puts a collectible surprise toy in each pack. Happy Zoo was the first theme. Thirdly, graphic stories with Piffi and Puffy feature cute and friendly animals. Also, all of these stories are gender-neutral, since girls and boys have a lot more in common than it may seem. Especially when it comes to sweets and toys.

For cotton candy and printing on a plastic cup, which has many technical constraints, we had to redraw our 3D characters using simplified vector graphics. Since then, the nearly 3D mascots have become similar to comic characters.

Bright tastes deserve the brightest packaging. A fire-maned lion and friendly dinosaur accompanied by the ever mischievous Piffi & Puffy will meet the little consumers under the mint-colored skies. And of course, there is a new toy by Sapico.