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Plant-based Revolution - Veggis

Creative Director & Designer: Tiago Ângelo
Naming: Francisco Reis, Tiago Ângelo and Tiago Costa
Designer: Susana Vale
Development Chef: Ana Maria Silva
Nutritionist and R&D Department (legal validation): Ana Margarida Esteves
Quality Department (legal validation): Sónia Costa and Cláudia Henriques
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Produced
Client: Veggis
Product Launch Location: Portugal
Packaging Contents: Plant-based food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Offset printing

The Veggis brand was created in 2016 with the mission of providing an innovative, balanced and tasty food offer, aimed at consumers with health, environmental or animal compassion concerns. The challenge of offering vegetarian alternatives to traditional foods, while maintaining their flavour, characterises the irreverence of Veggis.

The creation of brand identity for the new concept of Veggis brand products, the "Plant-based Revolution" range, produced with 100% plant-based and GMO-free ingredients