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Pure Rice Wine

Design: Parabrand Packaging Design 智远创意(北京)文化发展有限公司
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: China
Packaging Contents: Rice wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, wood
Printing Process: Flexible printing

Rice wine is synonymous with romance. Unlike Ginshu, Junmai wine lacks some of the so-called high-end aroma, but it is a kind of cozy wine that does not need to be savoured. So, go for a toast, it seems like this, you don’t have to go for everything. Savor carefully, where there is so much hidden meaning in life, the light yellow crystal liquor, the sweetness of the imported rice, and the unexpected little spicyness under the sweetness, make people forget that there is wine and drunken eyes. Look at the flowers, they are pretty.

Rice wine is a pleasant little relaxation. When the autumn wind does not dissipate the heat of summer, and the autumn tiger is still nostalgic for the rest of summer, make friends with three or five friends, talk about life, talk about love, talk about work, and enjoy this moment of drunkenness. Throw away all the anxiety that it brings, go to empty, to escape, at this moment, the aftermath it brings to you is gentle and warm.

No matter how it changes, it is unique and full-bodied. This time we have made a new definition of the packaging of rice wine. Once its impression was gentle, sweet and fashionable, this time we coated it with a white moonlight-like high sense. Through the early research on the characteristics of pure rice wine, it is finally concluded that the design of the rice wine adopts a full-barreled bottle shape, which gives people a high-level and unique meaning. The bottle body uses a grid of concave-convex patterns to add refinement to it. , People want to explore the mystery under the lines. The carving technique on the upper body of the bottle highlights its craftsmanship. It is high-class and not extravagant, and people can't help but touch its gentleness. We adopted a minimalist style for the visual packaging of rice wine, which not only has high quality, but also retains its exquisiteness. Each line of words inside seems to be alive, deducing its life: "17 degrees pure rice slightly drunk wine, gentle and soft at room temperature, refreshing and sweet, taste the original taste of rice wine. Drops into the soul, long aftertaste." The overall shape High-level and gentle, showing its different impressions.