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Design: Pavlov's Design
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Samson Ltd
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Stationery
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, film, plastic
Printing Process: Offset, flexography

What should the perfect staff look like? Executive, effective, ready for labor exploits, responsible and creative - he will never let you down! Who does not dream of a team like that! With these ideas about the best team, Pavlovs design rebranded STAFF.

One of the options for translating this name is employees, so the key to the brand of office supplies is based on seeing them as personnel to achieve the goal. “The tools on the worktop should serve seamlessly: with them you can overcome obstacles and win, do everything possible for the benefit of the client, society, the world! With them you do not need extra attributes of importance, only the skill and ability to do their job better than others is important”, - the agency said.

In accordance with this understanding of the role of stationery, a simple and clear packaging design for STAFF products was developed. Corporate identity as a military dress of assistants and faithful employees. Only the main thing is what matters, nothing more. Minimalistic but noticeable decor is not overloaded with small details. All significant elements are large and contrasting: branded green arrows and red logo. Emphasis on key product features is made using corporate icons.

The STAFF brand creates comfortable conditions for effective work and motivates for the successful implementation of goals!

What's Unique?
The result is a concise and memorable package that will not get lost on the store shelf and on worktop.