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TJD The Individualist

Agency: Harcus Design
Creative Director & Designer: Annette Harcus
Photographer: Stephen Clarke
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Peter Drayton Wines
Product Launch Location: Oceania
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Peter Drayton is a 5th generation descendant of the famed Drayton family from Hunter Valley, Australia’s oldest wine region.Peter has forged his own independence, embodying the adventurous vision of his very early pioneering forefathers.

He created ultra-premium wines to honour his late brother, Trevor James Drayton (TJD), with whom Peter shared a kindred independent spirit and vital attitude to life. A much-respected figure of the Hunter wine community, Trevor tragically died in Drayton's winery fire in 2008.

These carefully cellared wines showcase two of Hunter Valley’s famed varietals — Shiraz and Semillon.

In keeping with Peter and brother Trevor's maverick natures, the glass bottle is idiosyncratic in shape - the result of a happy accident where a bordeaux bottle mould exploded. It resulted in an asymmetrical, bulging bottle. Classic Bordeaux one side, nonconformist the other. Perfect imperfection. And perfectly expressed the individualistic and bold nature of these two brothers.

The bottle's many compound curves, severely restricted label size and application, and print zone. We silkscreened the graphics onto the bottle in white and dark grey, and hand waxed in two identifying colours, Shiraz-red and Semillon-yellow. The bottles are presented in individual cylinders that carry the story and the wine information.