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Wind of Ruri

Agency: Aizawa office
Designers: Yukihiko Aizawa, Yuki Mori
Client: Tokushima kengyoren, Food Relaiton Co.,Ltd
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Project Type: Commercial Work

“Wind of Ruri”, the top-grade Japanese green laver (Enteromorpha prolifera) that has the strongest fragrance and the best taste, grows only in a specific fishery of Yoshino River in Tokushima. The design of its package is a polyhedron with the motif of the beautiful water surface of Yoshino River.

The silver-leafed material that is seen through the holes in the center, specially processed with a wavy pattern, also represents the water’s surface. The Japanese classical logo and the edgy package form embody a mixture of tradition and modernity.

Green laver, known as aonori in Japan and parae in Korean, is a type of edible green seaweed, including species from the genera Monostroma and Enteromorpha.