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Youth Melody

Manufacturer: 3plastics
Designer: RAY ZHOU
Location: China
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Pantry, Organic, Personal, Home Care, Beauty
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Mixed
Printing Process: Vegetable based ink

Stick figure drawings with simple lines, using color combinations to catch your eye, to be a market for young people, it is essential to understand the mentality and world of young people first. They are exposed to far more information in this era than in previous generations, with a certain sense of consumption and consumption ability, to do a good job in the young market, packaging design must be unexpected and innovative.

What's Unique?
The illustration style is abstract as many of the main ingredients that represent the products are difficult to visually depict, so by keeping the style abstract it is a more flexible solution to cater to the vast range of possible ingredients for future products.