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ZEST tea

Agency: B&W Graphic Lab
Designer: Ben Xu
Location: China
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metal, Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

A good landscape breeds good tea

Different regional features breed tea with different textures. Temperature, humidity and climate all affect the quality and flavor characteristics of tea. Through screening from different perspectives, we obtain new ideas, a new interpretation of traditional tea drinks, and define the flavor of a tea from different dimensions.

The multi-level visual interpretation of the brand Z letter and the interlacing of different Spaces form a multi-dimensional interlacing space, which strengthens the identification attributes of more levels and the diversified combination mode to strengthen the brand space and texture.

Level by the plane into a space hierarchy, each with a Z Z graphics set of graphics, the plane is a link with a link, set in the space and the face of the different cross each other, this kind of diversified crisscross and connection, strengthened the consistency of each link, the language logic to plane logic to space logic process to create a new visual experience.

ZEST vision creates an accurate atmosphere of tea, which is a highly intuitive feeling beyond the five senses and a fragmentized feeling with memory. Each tea has a specific visual color and description of taste, vision and smell. The processing of such details increases the digital details that can support each tea. Such details are perceptual and rational, making people have a strong sense of insertion. There is plenty of room for reflection and white space when you taste tea.

ZEST tea can be boiled twice or even three times. Use a steadily increasing temperature. Compared to other teas, ZEST retains its flavor longer after multiple brews. It retains the flavor longer after soaking.

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