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Dolomis Trento Doc

Design: Lorenzo Cattoni
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Dolomis
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Italian sparkling wine metodo classico
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, paper, stone dust
Printing Process: UV, silk-screen printing

Dolomis is a Trento DOC that unlocks the flavours of the mountain, whose timeless rock has nurtured the vine like a mother, imbuing it with the character of the land from which it came. In Dolomis, mother rock is the origin, the essence, and the form; the imagery of the rock design does not merely mirror the mountain’s shape, but reveals the true soul and depth of flavour of the sparkling wine it has helped to mould. Trentino, cradle of the Dolomites, is a majestic terrain. With its ancient history, mother rock is the product of time combined with layers of dust and mineral-rich dolostone. The unique soil in which the Dolomis grapes ripen is fine enough for the vine’s roots to caress the rock. The offspring of a terroir that inspires the five senses, Dolomis retains the imprint of the mountain rock that nourished it.

Genuine dolomite powder is used to embellish the details of the Dolomis label. Mother rock is nourishment: a taste, a perfume, and a story that you can see and touch, ever changing and unexpected, but always true, like any natural wonder. Two types of paper and real dolomite dust are on the label.